Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scientology blows big time

You can also go home and blow your brains out......

That is a quote from a Scientology orientation video. That's actually what a girl just recently did after she found out about her Scientology personality test scores. Scientology told her that they were low. Read more about that girl killing herself after finding out about her Scientology personality test.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008 is a con to get free advertising

On March 1st 2008 I received this email from

We have reviewed your
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I wrote back I would try it out. I then put up a banner ad at the top of my site. 24 hours later I wrote them wondering how things went. I never heard from them again.

They are a con. They only do this to get free advertising with no intent to pay their clients. is a con, liars and will not pay you.

March 4th 2004

They finally respond. Only after I send them the email with the link to this Blog.

We have been reviewing the traffic sent from your blog, and while the
quality is good, the volume is not sufficient to allow us to make an offer.

We are therefore sorry to say we will have to pass.

--- They also sent me this:

Thank you for your kind extortion attempt. We care, deeply, but about other

It is the nature of the Internet that everyone can write down whatever they
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---- I wrote back:

extortion? I don't want any money. You just never responded to me after getting free advertising. I'm going to make sure other people that are considering doing this know how your company works and what to expect.

extortion. .... sure.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Scientology: Links and Information

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One of the grossest videos on the Internet is 2 girls and 1 cup. It starts off nice and then goes bad quick. Then when it looks like it can't get any worse, it does. It is probably not the best idea to watch two girls and one cup in front of priests, family memebers or co-workers. Here is the film review of 2 girls and 1 cup. Pretty funny I think. Something is not funny but that is serious is learning about who is running for President. It's important to watch Ron Paul videos and learn about this great man. There is a lot of Ron Paul links and even information about Ron Paul being excluded from the FOX debate and forum in New Hampshire. Watch Ron Paul talk to Jay Leno about being excluded from FOX debate. Once you have watched Ron Paul videos, it is important to educate others. If it seems like I'm rambling, it's only because I am.

This is a warning for anyone considering doing business with Advertus. They have owed me money now for over 6 months. They will not answer my phone calls or return my emails. Advertus Corp is a company that owes me money and will not pay.

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Do you remember the movie Mission Impossible 3? Well it's important to boycott MI3 because of Tom Cruise and Scientology. Did you know that Tom Cruise will receive almost 25% of the money made from Mission Impossible 3. Tom Cruise is the biggest contributor to the Church of Scientology. Because of all this you must boycott Tom Cruise and everything he does. By paying to see this movie, you are directly funding the cult that Tom Cruise belongs to. Here is a petition to boycott Mission Impossible 3. A Scientology Blog shows that this is an evil cult that is destroying people's lives through such things as disconnection or disconnection in Scientology and brainwashing. Tom Cruise is promoting this cult to young kids and adults all around the world. Major corporate companies are affiliated with the "Church" as Scientology front groups. This makes the "Church" appear more legitimate than it really is. This is one of the ways that they recruit new members to the church. I say boycott all celebrities and companies involved with Scientology. It's important to watch Scientology videos to find out what is Scientology. Some of these critical videos are the South Park Scientology episode. There is the "Chef returns to South Park" and "Super Best Friends or Blainetology" episode. You can watch all the South Park Scientology episodes at Another is the Bridge movie. A great one that shows the evils of Scientology's stance on no prescriptions drugs, like Narconon, is how Jeremy Perkins killed his mom Ellie Perkins. Also, learn about how Scientology trys to shut down Myspace profiles that are critical of the "Religion". Read about the Scientology rumors that the FBI should be aware of.

You can learn more about this by reading the real Religious Freedom Watch website. This is a site devoted to the critics of Scientology. The "Church" has a similiar page at the .com version of the domain name but their site is filled with only hate and lies about the people that speak out against Scientology. Scientology talks about religious freedom but does not practice it. If you ask questions about the "church" you will become an enemy of L. Ron Hubbard. This will make you an SP and be a target of "Fair Game". One of these questions they don't want you to ask is anything about Xenu the Galactic overlord as mentioned in OT3. This is the main belief behind Scientology and the reason they steal all your money. Xenu has been locked up for ever. He's paid his debt to society. I say we free Xenu! I also recommend viewing the other critic sites such as Lermanet, that is a great site. Another site is which shows all the lawsuits by Scientology. Critics of Scientology to learn about are Keith Henson and Shawn Lonsdale. They are great men and people need to know about them. Crazy people of Scientology to learn about are the likes of Jenna Elfman. She is freakin' nuts! I consider myself a critic and here is my .com version of my name, Paul Horner.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Learn about the evils of Scientology and then teach others

For all of those interested in learning about the evils of Scientology, make sure you know all the facts before you spread the word to others. Take a minute to view the South Park Scientology episode and watch the Bridge movie. Check out who Xenu is and especially how to free Xenu. Before you tell others what is Scientology, make sure you learn about Jeremy Perkins and even Suri Cruise. Read about Scientology's attack on Myspace, Scientology's attack on it's critics, Scientology's attack on YTMND, and the real Religious Freedom Watch website. Finally, make sure you learn about L Ron Hubbard and Scientology's new leader, David Miscavige. Then for fun, watch some of the videos located at Paul Vids and place your free ad at five dollar listing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

1337 Data: This was a Scientology Blog

This was possibly a Blog for nerd Scientologists to find other nerd Scientologists to chat with?


"2001 saw us shooting down SPs like 'ducks in a pond.' "

— David Miscavige

Leader of the Scientology
International Scientology News Issue 20

What is an SP?

All of the people in this audience heard Scientology leader David Miscavige announce that 2001 saw the cult “shooting down SPs like ducks in a pond.”

None these people protested.

All of these people cheered.

People with any humanity left in them would be horrified. Not Scientologists.

How can David Miscavige talk about shooting critics of his "church" dead like ducks in a pond and critic Keith Henson was on the run from the law (and now in jail) for supposedly saying "Cruise Missile". As in Tom "Cruise" Missile.

This is Scientology. These are the people that belong to it. The Government needs to step in and shut this cult down before it's too late.

This is an interview with L. Ron Hubbards own son
If everyone could all just read this article once, I believe Scientology would no longer exists.

What is Narconon?
Learn about one of the many scams The Church of Scientology has setup to take your money.

What is auditing? What is an E-Meter?
Read for yourself what an actual session is all about.

The name of The 440ft boat owned by the Church of Scientology that Tom Cruise travels on

It's called The Freewinds. It's a death ship full of cancer causing blue asbestos.

All the OT levels in Scientology explainedOnly $360,000 to be able to fly and move stuff around with your super mind powers. Where can I sign up?

About L Ron Hubbard

Scientology is a money making scam

The belief system of Scientology is not real

Scientology kills people

Scientology disconnects people from their friends and family

Scientology does not have to pay taxes

Scientology imprisons people for asking questions

Scientology steals money from people

Scientology has front groups setup to steal money and deceive people

Scientology's fake rehab centers setup to convert people into Scientologists and take their money

Scientology and their critics

Click here to watch Scientology Videos

Animated Gif explains what Scientology is


Even knowing this, they still do not have to pay taxes!!

"Scientology is not a psychotherapy nor a religion"

L. Ron Hubbard, Creation of Human Ability, 1968, page 251.

A book by L. Ron Hubbard

Page 251 says that L. Ron Hubbard never believed scientology was a religion

The Church of Scientology Cross

The Church of Scientology Cross

The Church of Scientology raid critics house, Arnie Lerma from

Don't like to read? See an animated short of what Scientology is really all about

I actually just created a Scientology Videos website.

I find Scientology extremely interesting and want to know what is Scientology and everything else I can learn about this
fascinating false religion.

I like posting information I learn on my Scientology Blog or my Scientology Message Board.

When learning about this global scam of a "Church", I recommend watching the Bridge Movie. It is the first full length movie about Scientology to ever be released. All the other movies that were in production, like The Profit, are all being held up in the court systems by Scientology's lawyers. Another must see video is the Emmy nominated South Park Scientology episode that explains what Scientologists believe.

It's too bad that Scientologists have to spend thousands of dollars before they get to level OT3 and learn about Xenu the Alien Galactic Overlord. Most lower level Scientologists will deny Xenu because the "church" has not taught it to them yet.

In OT8, which is currently the highest level in Scientology, L Ron Hubbard claims there was no Christ. In a nut shell, Scientology is a dangerous evil cult created by a madman to make money that does not have to pay taxes!

This was a Scientology blog.

As previously listed on The Church of Scientology's webpage,